jump-off is my exhibition of new work on view February 3 –  28, 2010 at AIR Gallery

You can access my interview on the show here

This blog is an ‘under the hood’ look at the art work in jump-off and the thinking that led me to make it. Your associations to the images will help to reveal the layers in the work that are invisible to me. I invite you to look at the images and post your comments. These are some snaps from the opening.

some photos of the opening of jump-off at AIR Gallery, NY.


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4 Responses to “jump-off”

  1. Rachel Rolon Says:


    Great show. I really enjoy the way you talk about your work and the relationship of the grid and loop in fashion and technology. The idea of the “rug quilt” speaks to the versatility and interchangeability that I think you are so fond of. To bad I don’t have an iPhone, I would have loved to check out the barcode things.


  2. Barbara Siegel Says:

    Loved the film of fashion reboot! Wish I could have been there.

  3. Sally Rowe Says:

    Daria…..the show was tremendous. Hits all the right buttons: beautiful, intellectual, and makes me GIGGLE (we need more of that). Yet another inspiring progression of the Daria thread you have been weaving throughout your long professional career. I am CRAZY for your Paris bundles!

    Loved the Re-Boot video and concept! Brilliant. Do more of these!


  4. elizabeth sturges llerena Says:

    Finally I got here!
    I really like the closeup shot of your work at the top of the page. I still need time to really look around here.
    Thanks for sending me this link!

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