a chair oasis


grid & loop oasis


I find chairs irresistible. I can hardly look at one without wanting to bring it home and add a voice to its functional purpose. These two early 20th century chairs embody my theory of the grid and the loop. The Grid Chair is painted with Golden acrylic paints and has a transparent green Plexi™ seat which houses my formal PhD thesis. It is a rectilinear, constructivist, minimalist formal design. It is a ‘reading’ chair in more ways than one. 

The reclining upholstered Loop Chair has islands of patterns in textile and plastic sewn onto a grid woven fabric. I associate them with Analytical Cubism. These islands are complete worlds floating on the chair textile as background. It’s like a map of oceans and land mass, which is a theme echoed in the story rug under it, Too Many Hands in the Sea. The back of the chair has a plastic concept map sewn onto it with verbal paths that examine the ideas that led to the art. The wall-hung story rug, Monsters and Hackers, lurks in the background and is a world of coding and splicing of new life forms both scary and playful taking place in a digital nano-scale world made possible by the computer.

There is a lot of content squeezed into this show, and for getting this far in my blog you get a sur-prize for your attention span. If you leave a comment below with info where I can reach you I will send you a prize! Really.


11 Responses to “a chair oasis”

  1. lynneheller Says:

    For sure I would love a sur-prize but I have to be honest I was hop-scotching around the site so don’t know if I really deserve the sur-prize. I just lucked out to get to this page.

    Lynne Heller

    • dariadorosh Says:

      Hi Lynne,
      Glad you bumped into my exhibition archive. You are welcome to browse and find the ‘sur-prize’! Your interests on your site are similar to mine. Good luck with building your WordPress blog.

  2. Katsura Okada Says:

    Yay! i found the word ‘sur-prize’! and really enjoyed your work.
    See you again 🙂

  3. Nelia Says:

    Daria I feel greatly rewarded already by seeing your work and reconnecting in NYC. There is an interesting confluence of ideas and events going on for me. This weekend I will go to a conference at NCSU, “Narrating The Visual, Visualizing The Narrative” that Jerry’s colleagues in the history dept have put together with presenters from all over. A number of other visual textile story experiences have popped up for me recently, including 2 quilt / textile shows in the Common House in my community. These are by relative amateurs but the theme is clearly there. Your beautiful book Reweaving Time sits by my bedside for “re-vueing” Your work taps into a deep undercurrent that I sense all around. It’s not just in the Therapy approaches, the cancer survivors workshops, the Ecology awareness works etc. It seems to me that we as a society feel the need to explain ourselves to ourselves beyond the reductionism of words by tapping into the deeper ( hardwired into humans) language of the visual. Daria- I have started taking art classes and painting after 20 years! Feels so good.
    Love to you Nelia

    • dariadorosh Says:

      Hey Nelia,
      Thank you for your thoughtful comments and associations. It is GREAT that you are taking painting classes again. There is an unexplainable pleasure in making things, as well as in the intellectual pursuits of life. You have always had a channel open to ‘synchronicity’ and could read the construct of seemingly random events. I hope to see some of your paintings when you are up and running with them. A lovely paint I can recommend to try is the Golden acrylic line. They can be applied thinly and/or thickly, water based, and have interesting ‘transference’ colors that shift between different hues. Play is the thing! hugs, daria

  4. patricia lee stotter Says:

    but the prize is looking at your beautiful work….

  5. Marcia Says:

    Hi Daria! I’ve been looking through all the links that you and John have sent since I was not able to see your show. I love this site, because it’s like having a personal tour of your work. And low and behold, I found the magic word! But you don’t have to send me anything. Thanks for mentioning Awakening the Dreamer too. Spread the word!

    • dariadorosh Says:

      How exciting! this really seems to work then. Glad you enjoyed the tour, and yes, it may be an alternative for seeing the work in a whole different way.
      I do want to send you a surprize…

  6. robbee Says:

    haha, well this was unexpected! really enjoying your work and your special spark! thanks ; >

  7. Stephanie Corleto Says:

    Found your “sur-prize!” what a great idea! i should try to incorporate it on the gallery’s blog! Love your blog – it is very insightful!

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