Big Sal

 This textile ‘story rug’ is made out of Sally R.’s clothing from her corporate life in the 1980s. I used her red Bill Blass jacket, a b/w Kenzo jacket, a green sportswear top and orange skirt to make Big Sal.

The ’80s were a power trip – with a real estate takeover of SOHO and TriBeCa artists lofts in NYC, and women making an incursion into the corporate world in fashionable big padded shoulders and big wavy hair styles. Donna Karan and Farrah Fawcett come to mind.

Big Sal is a mega-female power image, with shoulder pads for breasts, snakeskin textile trim and cow bone loops. A QR code links the work to Sol Haring and Supernachmittag from Graz, Austria singing ‘Bagdad’. The recording by Sol, who was my MRES instructor at SMARTlab, is so appropriate for this piece. Listen in to see why.





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