Paris Bundles

 The Paris Bundles are six solid textile wrappings made from clothes and pieces of fabric. Each one is named after a street in Paris, like Rou Poulet where we once stayed. I have been storing these impressions of Paris in the 1980s. I have thought of these gutter rugs in the streets, each one unique and mysterious. Maybe it was the fact that they were wrapped and tied and the contents unavailable, or that they seemed to be everywhere, that I carried an unfinished experience of them inside me. That is, until jump-off, – when they jumped out as artwork for the show. Perhaps you saw them in the gutters of Paris and even know what they are about. 

I used the bundles for my card, suspended over a background image from Google Earth. The bundle is a powerful symbol, a container for worldly goods in a nomadic life. In the 20th century, it has been a sad journey, precipitated by wars and disasters when people escaped with only what they could carry of their life history on their back.

But the bundle is emerging with a new meaning in the digital age, where all our tools are migrating to the body, and once again we carry our prize possessions on our body, like our cell phone life line, and our garment to shelter and nourish us spiritually and physically. And its just the beginning in the evolution of the digital tool belt.


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