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Jump-off maps a personal geography in textile, text, and wireless technology. Six ‘story rugs’ and six ‘fabric bundles’ are tagged with QR codes that link the work in the gallery to video, sound, and text through the interactivity of cell phones and the Internet. In the story rugs, various clothing items are networked with additional kinds of information accessed through QR code readers and a cell phone. Alternatively, a text message with the word Journey, or Solvideo, or Fashion, or Windows to telephone number 331-465-9914 can also access the off-site content related to the works.

An ambient sound by John Tomlinson surrounds the installation, and a reading room is provided, in which my thesis is on view as a book and in a mini comic book format.

The subtext of the installation is a theory of patterns set forth in my 2007 thesis, Patterning: The Informatics of Art and Fashion, in which in-formation is a process that navigates the territory between art and artifact to reveal shared patterns. Two sets of binary patterns, – the grid and the loop, – as well as abstraction and representation contextualize the installation of story rugs, fabric bundles, dimensional inkjet prints, and two ‘thesis’ chairs. 

In the catalogue for Loop, my 2001 exhibition at AIR, art critic and curator Dominique Nahas wrote “Dorosh’s work is about recapitulation, and the reweaving of time … One of the underlying premises inferred in her work is that the past is not history but the object of history.”

Codes of meaning are preserved in the story rugs: plant material has been transformed into cotton and silk fiber, woven into cloth, enabling the cultural story of fashion to be told. The process in jump-off continues the loop, using clothing as raw material for art, unmasking its material nature and showing its place in the immaterial world of text and theory.


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  1. Gayil Nalls Says:

    Hi Daria,
    Loved DYI Fashion Rebot. Everyone was having such fun! Boomers reborn!

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