Sportswear Girl


Sportswear Girl is the first story rug started in 2009 in the series of five new textile works in jump-off. Sportswear is a grid of interchangeable parts. It makes me think of the contents of a suitcase. When I travel, I try to find the fewest clothing pieces that can be mixed together in several ways so I can wear something different each day. It’s a game of satisfying the desire for variety but avoiding the weight that a suitcase can gain when traveling. Is it a coincidence that all sportswear pieces can be mixed together today, because now I have to make room for a laptop+ cables, camera+cables, iphone+cables, … the clothes are getting to be a smaller and smaller component in a suitcase. Soon we may have to bring only one outfit that changes on its own and stays fresh for a week.

The rest of our luggage will be for a cell phone/computer/watch/media/… 


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