Too Many Hands in the Sea

The story rugs are made of clothing and textiles, forming a network of parts that together suggests a story. Too Many Hands in the Sea started with a heavy striped woven textile that I found in a flea market in Paris at least 25 years ago. It feels mid-eastern, something Matisse might have used in his Odalisque paintings of women and interiors. The blue reminds me of the ocean and the pattern of curves look like moon crescents. I added textile silhouettes of hands, and gloves from a by-gone era when gloves were a must in a woman’s wardrobe.

My personal association to Too Many Hands in the Sea is the Gyre in the Pacific ocean, a habitat polluted by all nations. The deep swirling mass of plastic garbage of the gyre is now as big as a state.  We are creating a boomerang heading for shore. The story of stuff in our lives is a theme examined here. How to do something about it is modeled by a worldwide movement called Awakening the Dreamer.  That’s my story, what story do you see?


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