video interviews & e-press

link to a 7 minute show interview of Daria by Stephanie Corleto here


link to opening show video by Al Lupiani with Daria and Sandy Gellis, and Kat Griefen


and now… the DIY Fashion Reboot workshop video


see a good write up on the show by Brit Liggett with her pix at Ecouterre


One Response to “video interviews & e-press”

  1. Sharyn Finnegan Says:

    Hi Daria,
    I was sick the entire month of February and was so thrilled that I could see what you were doing online! The rugs look wonderful. Did you let people touch them? They look highly touchable.
    The interview was terrific–I got a much more complete idea of what you are about in your work. You always articulate with such clarity. And it was fun to see the DIY workshop–sorry I missed it,looked like a good time, but it did made me think of what I might do with those items I haven’t used in years, but still love.
    Great work and great outreach. Thanks so much.

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